An initiative by Geniusiz Labs

-Empowering designers & artists by creating equal chances for all designers and artists, no matter their experience, age, location, style…

-Directing our design skills towards serving the community, sharing designers’ experiences and opinions, and make them available for everyone.

How can that be done?
To accomplish the projects goals, the process goes as follows:


-We’ll be recruiting designers and artists by collecting their primary info and contact info such as name, email address, mobile number, and portfolio as a first step. These guys will be our Geniusiz!


-We will be calling you experimenters!
So each time the experimenters want to post a job, they’ll have to provide:

o A detailed brief about their project.
o A specific expected budget.
o The project’s timeline/deadline.
o The company’s Logo, branding guidelines or any asset that might help the designer/artist with his work.

-At this point the Labs will contact all its Geniusiz and notify them about a new project.
The Geniusiz that are interested will apply and wait for the experimenter’s approval.

-The Experimenter now has to choose a maximum of 3 freelancers that applied to their job posted, based on their portfolio, ranking (if any), or rating (if any).

-Come the deadline, the Labs will set up a meeting for the Geniusiz to present their work to the experimenters.
The meeting will include the experimenters, the Geniusiz and a representative from the labs.

-In case the Geniusiz for any kind of reason were not able to attend the meeting the labs will make sure to update them with the meeting’s results.

-No work files, samples or simulation or whatsoever will be sent by mail or will be presented in hard copy to the experimenters. Instead files will be submitted to the labs, and come the meeting date, the experimenter will get the chance to check out all the designs submitted, and the Geniusiz (if they were present) will get the chance to present their work themselves.
This is to protect our Geniusiz intellectual and creative rights.

-All Payments are made between the client and our Geniusiz.

-Based on the presentations, the client chooses the project he liked the most and can from that point on follow up directly with the genius behind it.

All previous steps are the general guidelines of the Geniusiz Labs experiment, however in order to preserve our Geniusiz’, experimenters’ and our rights as well, some points must be cleared:

- Geniusiz that present their work can propose a different fee than the one already set by the experimenters as a condition to proceed with the project.

- Experimenters can claim the project’s work files that they chose after they pay the full fees.

- The Labs will not be taking any percentage of the projects' fees.

Rating and Ranking!

It is important for both Experimenters and Geniusiz to know the difference between the rating and ranking system and how do they help!

-The Rating system is similar to all standard systems where both experimenters and Geniusiz can rate each other after the job is done.

-On the other hand the ranking system applies only to Geniusiz.

-A genius ranks up every time he/she completes a community job. This gives the genius visibility advantage on other Geniusiz, meaning when an experimenter posts a job, and many Geniusiz apply, the genius with the higher rank will be displayed on top of the applicants’ list!

Community Entities!

A big word right?

We did not want to limit our design for a cause goal to NGOs…
What are we exactly talking about, we’ll let the following text give you a glimpse and then we will elaborate:

To elaborate, The Experiment is all about directing design towards a certain worthwhile cause(s).

Whether it is for an NGO, a social, cultural or an awareness campaign, for educational purposes, for your neighborhood band who needs a cool logo or cover for their song, or for that matter design for any cause YOU would like to support!

There’s nothing more interesting and satisfying than making an impact or a change… so let’s start doing it through design… somethings are worthy!