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The Experiment

Geniusiz Labs – The Experiment is all about empowering designers & artists by creating equal chances for all designers and artists, no matter their experience, age, location, style… Also we would like to give clients the opportunity to explore diverse options of concepts, styles and identities in design. And finally we aim at directing our design skills towards serving the community, sharing designers’ experiences and opinions, and making them available for everyone. How can all of this happen? We'll guide you through step by step!

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Our Manifesto

“[…] we think that there are other things more worth using our skill and experience on. There are signs for streets and buildings, books and periodicals, catalogues, instructional manuals, industrial photography, educational aids, films, television features, scientific and industrial publications and all the other media through which we promote our trade, our education, our culture and our greater awareness of the owls.
We do not advocate the abolition of high pressure consumer advertising: this is not feasible. Nor do we want to take any of the fun out of life. But we are proposing a reversal of priorities in favor of the more useful and more lasting forms of communication. We hope that our society will tire of gimmick merchants, status salesmen and hidden persuaders, and that the prior call on our skills will be for worthwhile purposes. With this in mind, we propose to share our experience and opinions, and to make them available to colleagues, students and others who may be interested.”
-First Things First 1964 manifesto